IndigiData is a one-week Indigenous data science education workshop each summer to introduce data science and informatics skills to tribal undergraduate and graduate students.

We offer an Indigenous-centered curriculum led by Indigenous data scientists. Our workshop activities center Indigenous data sovereignty and data ethics while also providing students valuable insight into the emerging data and technology career fields.

Flights, accommodation, and all meals are provided for workshop participants.

Application Instructions

Applicants should enter their Academic Experience and Statement of Purpose in the below form. Due to word count limits, we suggest writing these statements beforehand in a Word document before pasting into the form. As a last step, upload any files such as tribal enrollment and CV/Resumé. Please note the 2 GB size limit for each.

After completion of the workshop, participants are asked to submit an evaluation of the IndigiData workshop program. These evaluations provide organizers valuable feedback to modify and improve future workshops.

Please Note:
This application form has closed on March 3rd at Midnight US Hawaii time.