For Natives, By Natives

The Native BioData Consortium is the first 501(c)(3) nonprofit research institute led by Indigenous scientists and tribal members in the United States. As a biorepository (or “biobank”), we ensure that advances in genetics and health research benefit all Indigenous people.

Our founders and board members are largely comprised of Indigenous geneticists and data scientists who are nationally and internationally known in the research community to promote community-based initiatives that promote genomic, health, and data equity.

The Native BioData Consortium laboratory in Eagle Butte, South Dakota

Commitment to Data Science Education

As an organization, we are well-networked with other Indigenous scientists and ethicists working in the realm of data science and Indigenous data sovereignty. We can leverage our reputation and network to create a unique data science and informatics training opportunity for tribal college students. Training the next generation of Indigenous data science leaders is important as data becomes the number one commodity and a must-have skill for tribal community members.

Our aim is to deliver culturally-inclusive data science training opportunities through a one-week summer workshop. By including Indigenous data scientists and academics as instructors, we also aim to build mentorship networks and encourage interest in data science careers. Furthermore, by contextualizing curricula in the context of Indigenous data sovereignty and empowerment, we hope to build trust in data ethics and encourage the next generation of data policy leaders in tribal communities.

The NBDC is comprised of Indigenous scientific and bioethics experts in latest scientific techniques and administration functions. Furthermore, the samples will be stored on sovereign Native American land, on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, which will provide additional protections for the participants’ samples from exploitation.